C.R.T. PODCAST: Episode 44 – Pokemon GO Update

Join your host, Tone Supa, as he talks about his experiences playing Pokemon GO and talks a bit about the recent update.

So in the wake of the Tone Supaaaa Pokémon Hunter X Segment, I’ve received a lot of positive feedback. It’s clear the listeners you want more info on Pokémon GO, or at least you want to hear my suffering as I go after these Pokémon. Catching Pokémon has become a LOT easier since the X episode. Niantic, the company which made Pokémon GO, has moved away from the footprint trackers. The new tracker works much better; if I see a Pokémon it is legitimately within about a 200-meter circumference. This really curbed my frustration with the game, and has made it so much more fun to play.

So let’s establish where I’m at right now.

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C.R.T. PODCAST: Episode 43 – My Hero Academia Season 1 Review

Join your host, Tone Supa – The Psi-Fi Swordsman and Sage Gamer, as he reviews another fresh new anime!

As you all know, I’m always looking for a new anime to watch. I heard some great things about My Hero Academia….so I had to tune in.

Written by Yosuke Kuroda and produced by Studio “Bones”, My Hero Academia is a new anime which has recently finished season 1.

In the world of My Hero Academia, most people in the world are born with Super Powers. The story follows Izuku Midoriya, a boy born without superpowers in this world where having them is normal. Not all of these powers, called quirks, are big and flashy, the vast majority are weird and quirky. Izuku may not have powers, but still dreams of becoming a superhero.

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C.R.T. PODCAST: Episode 42 – The Olympic Podcast

To celebrate the recent Olympics which took place in Rio, today’s episode of the CRT Podcast is a lighthearted review of a classic Olympic Video Game and a Comic Book character based on the Olympics. You also get to hear Tone Supa’s thoughts on what sports he would discontinue and what new sports he would include to modernize the international competition!

Growing up, the Olympics were THE world event. Back then the world seemed a lot LARGER. Technology and communication wasn’t as transnational as it is now, so the Olympics was one of the few windows into the rest of the world. Seeing athletes from other countries was almost as exotic as visiting those countries, which made the international sporting competition seem that much more exciting. I think the ability of technology to allow us to not only communicate around the globe instantly, but also mass communications such as satellite television and radio of today has effectively taken the edge off of that exoticism – increasingly making the world more available to all. Accessibility has also greatly improved as in this Olympics modern camera technology took us further behind the scenes than we’ve ever been in an Olympics…

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C.R.T. PODCAST: Episode 41 – Suicide Squad Movie Review

Welcome to another episode of the CRT Podcast! Join your host, Tone Supa, as I review last weekend’s release of the much anticipated movie from DC Studios – The Suicide Squad! Did it live up to the hype? Did it save DC Studios from absolute defeat at the hands of Marvel Studios? Should you really care how good or bad this movie is?

So let me be straight up with you….I never read the Suicide Squad Comic book. Now that MAY come at a shock to you, because I’ve read so many comics…but that’s the point! With so many hot comics out there, there was no time for the Suicide Squad! Its not like it was really that interesting to me, and the few times I heard something good about it I still wasn’t interested enough to go BUY it. I absolutely found the concept of the group intriguing, but the membership of the group seemed to constantly change, as did the focus of the book…so I just passed it up. I’m not saying it was good, I’m not saying it was bad…I just wasn’t interested in it, at least not to the point I was willing to pay for it. I’m telling you this because I did do some basic research on the group, I really didn’t have a depth of knowledge on the history of the Suicide Squad. So just like you, I headed to the theater less concerned about analysis, waiting to be wowed.

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C.R.T. PODCAST: Episode 40 – DC Universe Rebirth Update

Join your host, Tone Supa, as he gives you a quick update on whats taking place in the DC Universe Rebirth! Tha Supa gives you a quick update on whats happening in Superman Rebirth, Batman Rebirth, Justice League Rebirth, Flash Rebirth and Green Lanterns Rebirth! Listen to todays episode to get your DC comics addiction fix!

At the end of the New 52 Superman, New 52 Kal-El died due to injuries he sustained from Kryptonite poisoning, along with fights against the Kryptonian God Rao and a hyper powered Vandal Savage. At the end however, ANOTHER Superman (our standard continuity Superman) is revealed to have been living in the new 52 Universe all along.

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Batman Rebirth 1

C.R.T. PODCAST: Episode 39 – Jason Bourne Movie Review

In today’s episode of the CRT Podcast, Tone Supa reviews the latest installment of the Bourne Series, Jason Bourne.

I was raised on James Bond. Whether it was Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Timothy  Dalton or Pierce Bronson, I was always down for the next spy flick. Tom Cruise eventually helmed the Mission Impossible franchise. Then something new came and freshened up the spy genre. Matt Damon, America’s Kid from South Boston was tagged to be Jason Bourne. I had a friend who had read the books, and he was excited to see the movie the Bourne Identity…so we checked it out – and encountered what was not only an awesome movie, but the next major spy movie franchise. Soon we were watching the Bourne Supremacy, then the Bourne Ultimatum and the Bourne Legacy. Last Thursday, Matt Damon returned to HIS franchise in the latest Bourne installment, the self-titled “Jason Bourne.”

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C.R.T. PODCAST: Episode 38 – Star Trek Beyond Non-Spoiler Review

In this episode of the C.R.T. Podcast, Tone Supa reviews the latest installment in the Star Trek cinematic universe – Star Trek Beyond!

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge Star Trek Fan. I refuse to define myself as a trekker or a trekkie, mainly because the Star Trek Community writ large struggles with those definitions. I love the shows. I love most of the movies, and I even speak a little bit of Klingon (Pa’gh Bah! Pa’gh Beh!). I don’t dress up or Cosplay Star Trek…not that I have any problem with people who do, especially sexy alien lady cosplays. Star Trek has been around my entire life….and does embody some principles that I wish greater human society appreciated globally.

2009’s rebirth of the Star Trek cinematic franchise was very exciting for me. While there were aspects of the 2009 movie I didn’t like, as a whole I found it very entertaining. I especially appreciated that the original Star Trek canon was left in place. As you can tell I was excited to see Star Trek Beyond…and I struggled to keep my inner fan boy subdued….for YOU, this listeners of the CRT Podcast. I want to bring you a balanced review. So here it is….

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C.R.T. PODCAST: Episode 37 – Doom (2016 PS4) and Pokemon GO! Review

In today’s episode of the CRT Podcast, Tone Supa reviews the PS4 version of Doom (2016) and the mobile gaming phenomenon, Pokemon GO! Can tha Supa survive Hell on Mars (again)? Will tha Supa actually catch any Pokemon? Hell Gates and fuzzy little creatures – the perfect match for an awesome Podcast! Listen to the C.R.T. Podcast!

In today’s day and age, games like The Elder Scrolls: SkyRim, Metal Gear Solid 5, The Witcher III, Fallout 4 are massive games with sprawling landscapes, and deep and enriching stories. These games are the crème de la crème of the gaming industry and sadly, leave me with absolutely no time to finish them. I was actually shamed by my two closest friends and my nephew into finishing Red Dead Redemption, after I had been playing it incrementally over 1.5 years. After stopping them from taking my OG Gamer Card….I finished the game in 2 days. As I’ve gotten older my time dedicated exclusively to gaming has dwindled. So what has come to my recuse? An old favorite….DOOM.

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C.R.T. PODCAST: Episode 36 – Sword Art Online Season 1 Review

Join your host, Tone Supa as he reviews Sword Art Online (SAO)! Should you watch it? Should your kids watch it? Was it worth the effort? Listen to today’s episode of the CRT Podcast to find out!

CNN Article on Manga referenced in this Episode:

I can’t say I’m a huge MMOer. I wanted to play Everquest…but by the time I could afford my Dreamcast (hey life was hard after the Army) it was already collapsing! I never played Eve Online though an acquaintance of mine did I tried my hand at Final Fantasy 11 online…but it was after the second expansion I believe, so there was nothing intuitive about the play for me…I bailed out pretty quick. I have put significant time into the most popular MMO of all time…World of Warcraft. I played through the expansion Cataclysm. My primary was a fire mage named Jenovah…and just for mentioning it I’m getting a little misty eyed. For 4 years me and my Alt travelled the world of Aezeroth righting wrongs, completing quests and with my Guild, engaging in the most epic of battles.

I just finished watching Sword Art Online (SAO) Season 1. SAO follows the adventures of a young man names Kazuto Kirigaiya……

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C.R.T.PODCAST: Episode 35 – Ghostbusters (2016) Non-Spolier Movie Review

Join Tone Supa as he reviews this past weekend’s release of Ghostbusters! After months of hype, will the movie be able to live up to expectations? Will it be a proper successor to its legendary predecessor? Will the all-woman line up fizzle or sizzle? Listen to today’s episode of the CRT Podcast to find out!


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